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No matter how many times you’ve heard that Latin saying mens sana in corpore sano, you never cease to be surprised by how good you feel after playing sports.

Companionship, self-improvement, euphoria… There are so many positive feelings that you feel when you ride a bike that it’s not easy to describe it in words to someone who hasn’t experienced it in the first person.

Cycling is one of the sports most recommended for years by doctors, who advise their patients a fun activity, safe and very beneficial to health.

Besides the fact that you like to pedal a lot, have you ever stopped to think that maybe you should thank your bike for many more things than you think? Here are the 6 most important ones.

For taking care of your body

Using your bike is saving you a long list of ailments and drug costs. As a prevention tool it is very valuable, because it protects you from the risk of suffering from different types of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Cycling is indicated for people of all ages and especially for those with back and joint problems, since it does not involve suffering impacts, as it does in other sports where there are jumps.

When you cycle you are boosting your immune system and helping your body to lose fat, but the list of benefits of cycling for your body is almost endless: it improves blood circulation, reduces cholesterol levels, increases heart strength and lung capacity, strengthens muscles and maintains bone density.

For taking care of your mind

There are few everyday worries that can withstand a bike training or a day of competition on two wheels.

As you pedal, little by little your problems become less important and take a back seat. You have probably experienced more than once the feeling that when you get off your bike and take a shower, you see things differently and even solutions appear that you would not have found otherwise.

That’s because your bike takes you away from stress, because when you use it your brain receives a powerful injection of endorphins and serotonin. Your mood improves, your self-esteem goes up and you shield yourself from anxiety and depression.

For helping you think more and better

Did you know that cycling improves the performance of your brain? A study by the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands came to this conclusion.

It claims that it increases the density of white matter in the brain, which is responsible for the connections your brain makes to perform its normal functions.

It is not the only study that establishes a direct relationship between the use of the bicycle and the increase in brain capacity, although it is the one that has offered more evidence of this up to now.

For helping you sleep better

Insomnia is almost a plague in today’s Western society. In Spain it is estimated that 20% of the population suffers from it. What if we told you that the bicycle helps you sleep more and more deeply?

Pedaling is a perfect antidote to stress and anxiety and helps to balance mental and physical tiredness. But remember to leave 3 hours between cycling activity and bedtime to allow your body to relax and lower your body temperature.

For improving your social life

Being a part of a club, a peña or a group of bicycle regulars allows you to be in contact with people who share your same hobby.

Associating a group of people to a pleasant activity, far from a working environment where professional relations are a priority, increases the quality of life because it helps to strengthen ties.

Having a regular group of fellow cyclists is also the best way to exchange opinions about cycling routes, training or accessories.

For helping you discover unique places

Not all sports can be said to be performed outdoors and in natural environments such as those that can be experienced from a bicycle seat.

If you have been cycling for years, your two-wheeled friend has surely taken you more than once to charming places that you have later invited to meet family and friends. Both road bikes and mountain bikes allow you to be more intrepid and curious and even to access little-known places.