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Friendly, patient, with leadership skills, are some of the characteristics that a personal trainer should have. A profession that has grown thanks to the fact that more and more people understand the importance of leading an active and healthy life.

If you want to know how to become a personal trainer you are interested in this information from your online sportswear store.

What is a personal trainer?

Personal trainers are professionals with the skills needed to design customized training routines. They take into account the client’s objectives and physical condition.

Although the main focus of this profession is fitness, their knowledge is not limited to fitness. The tasks of a personal trainer also include motivating clients. Having knowledge of anatomy, how the body works and nutrition.

He also knows how to avoid injuries, what to do in case they happen and how to work for a faster recovery. They will even need to recommend the equipment and type of athletic shoes they need.

In a world that is increasingly concerned with staying fit and leading a healthier life, this profession is in high demand. Working with a personal trainer allows for faster results, a greater variety of exercises and routines, and discipline.

The sessions are not routine, the trainer designs them taking into account what has been worked on so far and what will be worked on later.

A good personal trainer does not just provide a list of exercises to be done. He encourages his clients, becomes their motivator and develops a good affinity with them. He is patient and has a lot of energy. He teaches the right way to combine strength and cardio exercises, why an exercise is good or not, which muscles are worked, etc.

What are the advantages of being a personal trainer?

If you love fitness and sport and like to share that passion with others, perhaps you have thought about a career as a personal trainer. As we mentioned, the demand for this profession has grown in recent years. More and more people want a personalised workout.

People who train others at home or in gyms enjoy the following advantages:

  • They can choose between working as an employee or as a self-employed person. Depending on their interests and the opportunities they have.
  • If you are self-employed, you can manage your schedule better.
  • In addition, you can define how many clients you will work with, whether you will attend to them individually or as a group, etc.
  • The growth in demand is another advantage. There are always clients looking for personalized training.

How to become a personal trainer

In Spain, it is possible to work as a personal trainer without having any specific training in sport. This leaves open the possibility for anyone to call themselves a trainer.

However, practising without knowledge puts the health of clients at risk and, therefore, the reputation of coaches.

There are studies related to sport and recognized by the Spanish law that will support this profession. Among these we can mention the following:

  • Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.
  • Higher Technician in Physical Activity and Sport Animation.
  • Degree in Sports Science.
  • Sports Technician.

There are also institutions that offer courses to become a personal trainer with which you can keep up to date.

Coaching opportunities

There are many opportunities to work as a coach. You can do it in a sports centre or in a gym as a salaried employee. In this case it will be the same center that will determine the schedule you will be at and the people you will serve.

Within a gymnasium you can work as a monitor, sports animator, area manager, sports trainer, among others. And you have the opportunity to climb the ladder.

If you prefer to work on your own, you can choose the type of clients you will have and how many you will attend. Self-employed people usually work at home, but they can also reach an agreement with a gym. There are also routines that are done outdoors.

You can provide services in a company, training the workers of the same. Or look for opportunities in neighbourhood associations that want to offer exercise programmes to their members.

With dedication you can also get your own gym. There is the alternative of specializing in a specific area, for example working with older adults, pre- and post-natal workouts.

Dedicate yourself to a specific discipline such as yoga, crossfit, pilates, etc. As a gym owner you could also combine this with another profession such as a physiotherapist or sports nutritionist.

People who are looking for a sports trainer are becoming more and more familiar with the subject. That is why you should be up to date with the requirements to be a personal trainer that clients demand and that are implemented in other centers.